Friday, December 16, 2011

Agate Guide - Darker Or Lighter?

The Eagle Creek Special yellow fiberglass fly rod build continues in the JP Ross Fly Rods & Co. shop and yesterday he posted up a photo on the T.F.M. Facebook page asking for opinions on whether he should use the darker or the lighter agate stripping guide.

I could go either way with the agate guide.  I like the darker for contrast and the lighter for match with the blank.  I'll look forward to whatever Jordan sees as the perfect fit for this build.

Leave a comment here to let Jordan know which agate stripper you think he should use and follow along the T.F.M. build on the JP Ross Fly Rods & Co. website.

3 comments: said...

I like the dark for the subtle contrast it would offer.

deanwo said...

I too like the darker.

Raven456 said...

I like the darker one as well to add a little contrast. Looks great!