Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Fly Photo - Seychelles

Matt Jones of The Fly Photo just got back from the Seychelles and first on his to do list was to knock out an issue of his flip page style newsletter with images from his trip.

Unreal images and Matt is certainly making best use of his underwater camera housing.

Tailing parrotfish, GT's, and bonefish?  Yes.  Check it.


jj wassom said...

Thanks again Cameron for putting amazing materials at our finger tips... Matt's pictures from the Seychelles are beautiful. I guess I never thought of fishing for such large species with fly rods. I really enjoyed to other pics too...even my wife was interested in the little crabs and sun protection clothing.

Just gorgeous!


Cameron Mortenson said...

jj wassom...finding interesting contest online is what I do...or least try to do on a daily basis.

The smartest thing Matt ever did was invest in an underwater camera equipment. Stellar images.