Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Indi River Rods

A few months ago Callum Ross of Indi River Rods emailed to say that he was working on a new website and that he was intending to start building more on fiberglass blanks.

Callum is based in Australia and though much of his experience is with bamboo, he is starting to build on a few fiberglass blanks from the U.S. and Japan as well.

Check out the Indi River Rods website and blog for more information and updates on what he's working on at the shop.

Callum's photography is most excellent and his builds, both fiberglass and bamboo, are very well done.


Adam Zappia said...

What a nice surprise to see Callums work on TFM. A fellow Aussie whom I have spoken to via PM on an aussie flyfishing forum! Seems like a nice guy, and the website is coming along nicely.

Cameron Mortenson said...

Adam...Callum's work is definitely worthy on TFM. His website looks great.