Saturday, December 3, 2011

Morning In The Marsh

I just finished a well deserved lunch at the Boulevard Diner in Mt. Pleasant after spending from dawn until early afternoon in the kayak paddling through the marsh looking for redfish.

I saw quite a few reds which were mostly in large groups in very clear water.  Winter conditions I'm told.  Unfortunately I spooked the majority of these fish.  Well...maybe all of them but the one that purposely swam over and scarfed up the fly that I dropped in his path.  This fish made my morning.

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

What didn't make my morning was the wind which picked up around eleven and caused my return to the car to take over an hour and a half of constant and determined paddling.  I literally moved mere inches with each paddle stroke or was pushed backwards when it got gusty.  It was brutal but a very tasty lunch and a few minutes to go through my photographs from today has been a stellar reward.

Proper recognition to the fellows at Lowcountry Fly Shop for leaving a half dozen flies in their mailbox that I could pick up this morning on my way through town.  The Enrico Puglisi Minnow has become my go to confidence redfish fly since the only two that I've caught have both eaten this fly without hesitation.  Time to pick up some fly tying materials before heading home.  


Jeff Ryan said...

Very cool... Jealous. There's a couple inches of white stuff on the ground here.

Squeeky Oar Lock said...

Nice Cameron. I dig Redfish. Your site looks good per usual. Thanks for the swag too!

hjackson1989 said...

Great write-up bro! You've got me craving a tangle with a redfish! Congrats on a great fish!

deanwo said...

Awesome, Cameron. Would love to figure out how to do this next time I visit my folks in Oriental, NC.

Ryan S said...

NICE! What rod is that?

MuddlerMan said...

Sweet dude! I would do just about anything for some redfish right now. But I'd do even more for a meal from the Boulevard Diner!

Cameron Mortenson said...

Jeff...I miss snow but really starting to enjoy winters that I can be in the kayak.

SOL...thanks for the comment and glad that the TFM shirts arrived.

Henry...thanks. We need to mark some dates down for Florida.

Dean...look up the peeps at Lowcountry Fly Shop for the info.'s a Steffen Brothers 8' 8/9 weight. A wonderful big stick and completely capable.

MuddlerMan...get you some.