Friday, January 27, 2012

Colt Johnson's Kabuto Rods 7033 Build

There have been quite a few white fiberglass Kabuto Rods builds done over the past year and the latest is from Colt Johnson who was looking for the perfect bluegill fly rod. 

Colt's Kabuto Rods 7033 Build Stats:

SEAT:  Lemke Down Lock Dark Nickel Silver Slide Band
INSERT:  Spalted Box Elder Burl
GRIP:  REC Cork Rings
GUIDES/TIP TOP:  Snake Brand Black Nickel
THREAD:  3/0 YLI Pale Yellow/3/0 YLI Antique Gold
FINISH:  PacBay Two Part Epoxy.  One coat.

Colt...extremely nice work and I bet that spring can't come soon enough to give that build a flex on a few feisty bluegills.


Brad from Potter said...

What reel is this?

Cameron Mortenson said... is a vintage J.W. Young made reel for Orvis I believe.

Morgan Kupfer said...

What a pretty rod!