Thursday, January 26, 2012

Introducing Raw Water Productions

The Prelude To Raw Water post earlier this week eluded that Lucas Carroll and Adam Kryder had a new project in the works which went online yesterday under the company name of Raw Water Productions.  This will be a collaborative effort with Matt Smythe involved as well yielding a hand with the written word.

Autumn2011 Showreel from Adam Kryder on Vimeo.

The press release stated...

"Raw Water Productions is proud to announce the public release of their website and Autumn 2011 Showreel.  In order to promote our new website we are running the following open raffle.

Promote our blog for a chance to win a 14 -page book of Lucas Carroll's photography with a cover inscription by Matt Smythe."

"For the next 2 weeks, simply show us how you have promoted our blog on other social media websites (Facebook, Twitter, Email, etc.) and you will automatically be entered into the raffle.  Show us screenshots, friend lists, email copy, etc. as evidence.

Stay tuned for more giveaways and promotions in the future!"

It looks like bases are covered with Lucas on camera, Adam on video and music, and Matt with the word.

Without a doubt Raw Water Productions will be a worthy to follow as they add more content to their already robust website. 


bfly said...

I can say without hesitation that these guys will bring you down to earth, home cooked, chicken fried, honest to goodness, no bones about it, real life, blue collar, fly fishing goodness.....go get some!!!

jj wassom said...

Once again you give us one more avenue to feed our fishing cravings! These guys really have put together some quality information! This would make people who don't fish want to fish!!

Thanks again,

jj wassom said...


I just wanted to add this today to show you what guys like you and all the other great fly guys you connect us to do for the greater good.

I have never fly fished once in my life...I am a regular open face kind of guy. But I always wanted to try my hand at fly fishing. It's one of the reasons I chose my Native Ultimate 12. Any way, I forwarded the Raw Water guys stuff to some friends on Facebook. Come to find out my cousin's husband loves to fly fish (I found my teacher)! His job took him all over the world. He has fly fished in South Africa, Chile, Scotland, Iceland and New Zealand! Looks like adventure ahead for these guys!!!

Thanks again for being there and inspiring newbs to go for it!


Cameron Mortenson said... know all like all that "comfort food" aspect.

Jeff...thanks for the very cool note and look forward to hearing more about your transition to fly fishing. How do you like Native Ultimate?

jj wassom said...

Thanks for the encouragement, and I love my Ultimate 12. Considering I was a water "phob" until about age 16 and never liked boats til I was in my 20's it still makes my wife laugh when we are out together. That thing is so stable, and of course I'm sure you can stand in it to sight fish. I was looking over my father-in-laws 8'6" Line #8 Berkley Cherrywood 2 pc.
earlier today... I really can't tell if it's glass or something else. It was made in Taiwan R.O.C. has to have been made in the 60's maybe 70's?? Any thoughts?