Monday, January 2, 2012

A New Home For The Single Spey

As happens quite often when I write a T.F.M. post about a piece of gear, I realize that I've just got to have one for my own.  This happened again when I tossed up a quick post on the new reel cases offered by The Spey Company last month.

Since I had a bit extra in the PayPal account, I fell to temptation and ordered a bison leather reel case for my Single Spey Trout Reel which arrived this past weekend.  It was money well spent as the quality of these fly reel cases is most excellent and a great protective fit as well.

Check out The Spey Company website for more information on their fly reels and other offerings.


Anonymous said...

I have one of Tim's reels for steelhead and it is rock solid. You could probably hammer nails with it. I might have to order one of his cases too.

Cameron Mortenson said...

troutpurgatory...order a reel case. Your reel deserves it. I want to get one of Tim's reels for my two handers now.