Monday, January 9, 2012

Schliske Bamboo Through The Fisheye

Recently Matt Schliske of Schliske Bamboo has been posting some very interesting images through his social media channels using a vintage fisheye lens.  I emailed him asking if he'd mind sharing the photos to the T.F.M. readership with an update as well of what he and Marquerite do during the winter to stay busy.

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Matt wrote... "We've been fishing the Poudre River when time and temps allow.  I'll be on the Fly Fishing Film Tour for a few dates in March probably.   I am also working on some spey and saltwater hollow built rods as well as trout rods. I am also trying to do some small film projects on the side.  We are also printing up some bamboo shirts and hoodies, as well as some limited edition bonefish western shirts.  I am also working on some new hats and decals.  We got some cane this week!  I am teaching my first class this winter and am excited to teach more classes in 2012.  As far as the photos I am shooting on a Canon T3i with random vintage glass I've picked up along the way."

It's just a hunch but I bet we see a couple of these images again printed on paper in a magazine.

Check out the Schliske Bamboo website to see more of their excellent work and follow on Facebook and Twitter as well.


Streamers 365 said...

Thanks for the pics. Nice to see some fisheye lenses at work.

Cameron Mortenson said...

Streamers 365...I've got a serious soft spot for fisheye images and Matt knows how to work it.