Friday, February 17, 2012

The Eagle Creek Special Completed

Yesterday afternoon I came home to find a box on the porch from JP Ross Fly Rod & Co. which contained the 6'11" three weight Eagle Creek Special build that Jordan has been working on for T.F.M. for the past several months.

When Jordan and I started discussing this build he asked me to give him a short list of likes (agate striping guide and feather inlay) and dislikes (no single foot guides or reverse full wells grip) and over the course of the build I was updated on the progress step by step.

I truly consider rod builders as artists and it is always interesting what they create.  The work on this fly rod was very well done and everything fit together perfectly from the wraps to the guides to the hardware.

The presentation of this build was especially interesting for all the things that Jordan does when shipping a fly rod with a waxed seal placed on the grip, a hand drawn fly inked on the exterior of the box, and a couple decals placed on the box as a reminder that this product was "Made In U.S.A.".  Every precaution was made to ensure that the fly rod would travel safely to it's destination.  It's all of these little things that make a fly rod like this so special.  This little three weight will certainly see some time on the water soon.

Please check out the JP Ross Fly Rod & Co. Blog for more information and photographs of this build.   

I also want to pass along that JP Ross Fly Rods & Co. has three of these McFarland Rods yellow fiberglass blanks in stock and Jordan will give a 10% off discount to anyone who uses the code "TFM" when checking out online.

Contact Jordan by email if you have any questions.


waywarddrifter said...

now there is a fine rod at a reasonable price !

Craig Pablo said...

Nice looking rod!

Hopper Dropper said...

love the cork reel seat

JJP said...

JP makes beautiful rods! I own a Reubin Wood and it is a delight to fish. I hope that you have many happy hours with your ECS!

Cameron Mortenson said...

WWD...true that. JP does great work.


Hopper Dropper...wood is nice but cork just fits some builds perfectly.