Friday, February 10, 2012

Mark Yuhina's Trip West

(For quite some time I have been looking forward to sharing the photos of Mark Yuhina's trip west and when he said that I could use as many images from his Flickr account for a slideshow I ended up taking almost all of them.  Mark certainly has his own style with his photo work and I am also a pushover for fisheye photos too.  Enjoy.)

Like many east coasters, every summer I spend a couple weeks to fish the western rivers with my good buddy and photographer Bryan Gregson.  We have gone through many amazing trips in the past and it all started from the local small Provo River in Utah.  Then our fishing ambitions (more precisely is BG's exploring spirits) has grown bigger and bigger until only the unknown fishing condition and backcountry wilderness can quench our expedition appetite.  Something that can't be predicted is always more exciting.

To me, traveling is all about the people on the road; fishing is no difference and I enjoy experiencing the local culture as well as the "Regular Joe’s" fishing spots.  Those are always perfect for streamside gossip!  A great mixture of mutual friends and ideas storming can stretch our fishing spots out pretty far and wide, from no name backcountry creeks to some legendary holy waters like Henry’s Fork.  The spirit is just like Bryan’s idea about the exploratory expedition.  I think he meant more than locations per se and it includes inside and outside of our mentality of “Where to now?”

Created with flickr slideshow.

During the trip I mostly stayed in Bryan’s house and used TroutHunter as our “Mother Ship”.  We fished the legendary Henry’s Fork, and extended our footprints to the Yellowstone National Park and Bozeman area. Few great friends chipped in our trip and really make it quite unique and special for every one of us.  As I mentioned before, that people and culture are the center idea of the trip.  Good place attracts good people! Ha…

It's worth mentioning that TroutHunter is an amazing place to stay with a lot of good people willing to share information and help you out.  This is what I really appreciated during the past few years.  I even spent few afternoons doing nothing but just chatting with people in the shop.  I sincerely recommend people to give it a try.

One of the interesting highlights during the trip is a fiberglass fly rod that I borrowed from Cameron and Kabuto Rods.  The Kabuto Rods 8053 was really great to experience on this trip.  The rod is full flex but powerful and absolutely a joy to fish.  It remind me the Meiser MKS spey rod a lot.  I am here honest to say, if I only can have one fly rod for trout that this is the ONE.  So much fun and so beautiful and it handles a variety of fishing conditions well…included the notorious western wind.  I have to confess that I fished this rod 90% of the time during the trip and even some excellent graphite fishing buddies (to name a few...Zach, Grizz and Marc) were all impressed by this little “lightsaber” fly rod.  There is at one moment, we all abandon our graphite rods and try to sneak out this little lightsaber.

Follow along with Mark Yuhina on his blog FLYINTROPICAL.


Alan said...

BG and Grizz.
Don't get better than that for guides and friends. Keep Grizz away from the beer though.

Howard Levett said...

Nice write-up Mark and the photography documenting the trip was great! The only thing missing was a side trip to Colorado.

JJP said...

Why doesn't Flickerslider work on iPad?