Monday, February 27, 2012

Mishaps In the Marsh

There are times when trips seem like they may be doomed from the start and our two days in the Louisiana marsh would prove this true.  The short story of our mishaps started when my hosts, Lane Pelissier and Keith Richard, realized halfway to the New Orleans airport that they had forgotten our food for the next two days.  Then as they were parking the truck and flats boat, the gate came down on the boat and snapped it off which made the wallet $65 lighter.  Ouch.

Once we got to the marsh it was confirmed that the weather was overcast and gray, the tides were wrong, and the lack of light made it tough to see fish until we were right on top of them.  A tough start for sure.

Don't you dare step (or get mud on) Lane's blue suede shoes.

Thursday afternoon we saw a few black drum tails and had several refusals.  To end the evening Lane whipped up a batch of hot crayfish etouffee over rice which was a fine meal to start a trip to the Cajun state.

Friday we found a few pods of large redfish which were seemingly not interested at all in eating.  We ended our trip by being pushed off the water due to a storm that moved in quickly on us and as we were zigging and zagging back to the boat launch we ended up running aground on a sand flat which brought us to a stop so quickly that Keith somersaulted over the console and landed on top of my Steffen 8/9 weight and would prove to be the final mishap of our trip. The Steffen was snapped in half in two sections but we all breathed a sigh of relief that no one was injured and the boat was fine as well.

In the end we had a really good time and redfish were seen (some which were incredibly large) but I was unable to connect with any of them.  Oh well...there is always next time and I do plan to come back.

Thanks again to Richard and Lane for trying so very hard to put me on fish against all odds.  Seeing the Louisiana marsh and it's angling potential was certainly a highlight on the trip.


Mike said...

Mishaps make the best stories, Cameron. Thanks for sharing yours!

Howard Levett said...

Oh man. You guys certainly had a trip worth remembering...or not. Sorry about the rod Cam. On the other hand, you guys did get out...always a plus.

Cameron Mortenson said...

Mike...true. I won't soon forget this trip. one was hurt and that was the most important thing. The Steffen 8/9 weight is already in the works to be replaced.

ratfacedmcdougal said...

After a day like that,it's good to know there is such a thing as bourbon.