Thursday, February 16, 2012

One by One's Casting For Recovery Build

Yesterday One by One Custom Rods sent an email with images from their latest work done for Casting For Recovery along with the story about how it all came together and who now owns this very unique fiberglass fly rod build.

"We were introduced to Casting For Recovery through a relative of mine last year who had told them about our company and the potential for a fundraising project. At the time of our meeting they had already had their annual fundraiser so we agreed to stay in contact to help them out for the 2012 fundraiser.  A few month ago we talked about the event and offered to build them a rod themed around their mission.  We immediately knew that we had to weave the "Awareness Ribbon" on the rod.  Everyone knows what that stands for and would make for a unique addition to the rod."  

"My next thought was what rod blank could we put it on?  A white Kabuto Rods blank immediately came to mind.  What better to work with than a white blank?  We wanted a light lined smooth trout rod that would be user friendly so glass was the way to go.  I then reached out to Yasuyuki Kabuto and as luck would have it, he had a white 7033 blank that he could sell us.  We then chose a darkened nickle silver Struble real seat along with darkened Snake Brand guides with an agate stripper guide to round out the components.  We put very simple guide wraps on in the colors we picked from the Casting For Recovery website banner and added a simple cork and burl ring grip.  Then after many tedious hours of weaving, first the cross weave under wrap and then the ribbon as an over wrap, we had the project complete. We handed the rod off to Casting For Recovery and they were thrilled." 

"The fly rod sold at the auction on Sunday at a local event.  It was purchased by a man who has very recently lost his sister to breast cancer.  We have yet to talk with him but understand he was very thrilled by the rod and was pretty emotional.  Being able to take something we love doing like rod building and use it to help out charity is very gratifying indeed."

Fine work for a worthy cause and I sincerely hope that the gentleman that purchased this fly rod has warm thoughts of his sister each time he takes this beautiful fly rod to the river.


GRP said...

What an awesome rod build. And a very worthy cause to boot.

Pam said...

Beautiful Rod! I'm sure the gentleman that won was emotional. Two years ago at my first kayak fishing tournament I actually won a TFO Reel Recovery fly rod. It was such an awe-inspiring prize to me as I had lost my husband to cancer the year before. The emotions were definitely flowing! I treasure that rod every time I take it out of the case. I fish it in his memory as I'm sure this man will do for his sister.

Andrea Lyn said...

What an absolutely beautiful rod! I love how the frost of the blank is offset by the electric blue wraps. I have been a volunteer with CFR since 2003 and I am sure they were thrilled to have such a great rod to raise funds!

Cameron Mortenson said...

GRP...indeed. One by One did a great job on this build.

Pam...thanks for the comment. I am sure that you can relate fully.

Andrea...they were thrilled for sure.

Robb Rusiewicz said...
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Robb Rusiewicz said...

My name is Robb Rusiewicz I am the recipient of this special CFR Fly Rod. The Rod has not been used at this time although it has been autographed by Lefty Kreh.
Im looking for a pink 3 wt fly real that will fit this rod. I hope to take my sister's daughter fishing the first time this rod is used she was 11 years old when her mom died from breast cancer.
The day after my sisters funeral I went fly fishing with some friends that the was the beginning of a long recovery that is still in the process. Thank you for this special Rod

Robb Rusiewicz said...


Cameron Mortenson said...

Good Morning. Did you find a pink fly reel yet? I know that Hatch and maybe Redington have made pink fly reels before. Bozeman Reel Company too.