Monday, March 26, 2012

Breakfast Fix

I took a few minutes this morning before work to hit a pond for a quick fix since I needed to get a couple photos for a gear review that will be in the upcoming issue of S.C.O.F.

The pond is full of good sized bluegills, a smattering of bass, and then a few tank sized carp as well.

I need to start more of my days like this.


bfly said...

This kicks A#@!!!!! I love it!! Short and sweet. Cameron your the man. I love the fact that you found a little time to go out and throw some bugs....excellent!

Cameron Mortenson said...

Brian...thanks for the props. A weekday trip like this doesn't happen often but it certainly needs to.

hjackson1989 said...

Simply awesome! I'm headed out for a bit of bluegill action in the morning..with a few shoal bass mixed in! Great post and pics!

The Jersey Angler said...

A perfect way to spend a morning!

Cameron Mortenson said... did your trip go?

TJA...indeed. You know how valuable it is to have just a little bit alone time on a work morning before the bosses start chirping the Nextel.

Pete said...

Is that a 7-11 microwave heater? I usually go with pop tarts for the sugar high.

Cameron Mortenson said...

Pete...Hardee's steak biscut. No sugar high.