Saturday, March 3, 2012

Calling All (Hireable) Troutbums

The cubicle farm getting you down?  Always wanted to live the "glamorous" life of a fly shop peep?  Do you live and breathe fly fishing?  Ever dreamed of living in Craig, Montana?   

Yes to all of those?  Well...Headhunters Fly Shop may have a job for you.   

This Could Be Your Office
Headhunters Fly Shop is looking for one more team member to work most of the 2012 season with the real possibility that this position could be extended to a permanent position.   

The Headhunters crew run a very solid business and it's excellent to see the fly shop and presence online growing.      

Check out the posting on the Headhunters Blog for more details of this neat job opportunity.  Marking on your resume that you read T.F.M. daily may or may not get your resume put in the "Must Interview" stack. 

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