Tuesday, March 13, 2012

First Steelhead On The Swing

I know that I've been a bit offline the past few days but it's been a bit busy with everything going on within this trip home to Michigan.

There will be a more complete report coming in the next few days but swung my first steelhead yesterday on the Pere Marquette with Steve Martinez from Indigo Guide Service.

Fiberhammer + Clicker + Wacked Knuckles = Big Buck

This fly is one of Mike Schmidt of Angler's Choice Flies vise creations.  Glad he tied me up a few patterns for this trip.

More on the Pere Marquette trip in the next couple days.  I've got to get ready for one more day on the water before heading back home to South Carolina. 


Randall said...

Awesome! Now you'll be hooked for life. Once you start feeling the pull of the Dark Side, it becomes harder and harder to resist.

FISH TALES said...

very sweet, and on the swing... congrats!