Tuesday, March 6, 2012

T.F.M. Spotting - Introducing Otis

What started as a quick email to Matt Cassel of Cliff Outdoors asking for a few pieces of gear to giveaway at the recent Tie-One-On-Athon ended with a puppy arriving on the flight from Denver yesterday afternoon into Columbia.

A couple weeks ago Matt had ended one of our emails with an "Oh by the way..." mention that their yellow lab Jett had recently given birth to a litter of ten pups and they still had four left uncalled for.  Thinking back the T.F.M. Spotting photo he sent was part of the catch too.  

Well played Matt...well played.

Unknowing to Matt was the fact that we had been talking about getting a lab puppy this spring so the timing could not have been more perfect.  It has been two years since the passing of K-9 "Ice" and we are ready to have a dog around the house again.  I would much rather purchase a puppy from a friend and know the background of the mother and father than take a chance with an unknown breeder any day.

So...meet Otis.  He's as loveable and as not well behaved as you can expect from a pup his age.  He's already been chewing on everybody and everything and we've had a couple accidents on the floor as well.  Oh well...

I am sure that he'll show up in an adventure or two on T.F.M. in the coming years.  He's got those typical big feet which are perfect for swimming and it won't be long before we'll have him out in the pond with us and trips to the mountains can't be to far behind either.

Thanks again Matt for giving up one of your puppies to us.  We couldn't be happier with Otis.  


Fontinalis Rising said...

Dang, I thought puppies were a shoo-in for comments. Otis takes the cake.

Pam said...

He's beautiful! I've always wanted a lab but somehow ended up with two beagles I wouldn't trade for anything. Can't wait to live my lab dreams vicariously through your posts.

Cameron Mortenson said...

F.R...I think I burnt everyone out on posting the photos already on Facebook the day before. HA...

Pam...beagles will keep you running for sure. We had a beagle/blue tick mix that never wanted to stay home. Otis is going to have a few stories I'm sure.