Thursday, April 5, 2012

Indi River Rods Kabuto 7033 Build

Though Ross Callum of Indi River Rods primarily builds on bamboo, he is continuing to do a fiberglass build every now and then as well.  A few weeks ago he finished a beautiful build on a Kabuto Rods 7033 blank and posted the information and photos on the Indi River Rods Blog.

Since I was a bit tardy in getting this up on T.F.M. there is now a follow up post on Ross's trip to the Snowy Mountains of Australia to give the Kabuto build it's first flexes.  That brown trout is a prime first fish for that fly rod.

Check out the Indi River Rods website for more information.


Mike Schmidt said...

I REALLY dig this build. Gorgeous rod for sure!

Indi River Rods said...

Hi Cameron,
Always a pleasant surprise to find my rods mentioned on your blog. I have received three more of Kab's 7033 blanks so will be thinking about how to build them up in between planing bamboo.