Friday, April 20, 2012

T.F.M. Spotting - Backyard Exploration

The Schliske Bamboo crew recently packed up and made the move to Florida and Matt has already spent some time doing some backyard exploration and picked off this Blue Tilapia on a black woolly bugger on his eight foot six weight SLAYER bamboo fly rod.  This also happens to be his first Florida fish as well.  T.F.M. Spotting t-shirt mojo?  I've got to think so.

Matt wrote...  "We moved to Florida at the beginning of the month  and I brought the whole shop with me from Colorado.  Driving through Texas and Louisiana was awesome.  It took me a couple weeks to unpack everything but the shop is fully operational now.  I'm back to wrapping rods since Marguerite is busy with her new job at Costa.  I wrapped a couple tips today and it's just like riding a bike.  No problem once you get rolling.  We have a pond in the backyard which is much better than casting in the street, so rods will get a better lawn casting experience than before.  I've heard from the neighbors that there are 6-10 pound bass in the pond behind my house.  I've hooked a few beasts but I don't know how to properly fight a bass yet.  I keep wanting to get them on the reel like a large trout and they just wiggle and launch and toss the hook.  I've started tying deer hair bass poppers again and trying for them on top with my six weight SLAYER which is a blast. 

Right now on the bench I'm working on a few trout rods, a couple spey rods and a handful of larger, hollow built saltwater rods.  I need a boat to get into the saltwater fishing.  So a flats boat is pretty high on the list of necessities at this point."
I have a feeling that there will be some very interesting, and hopefully salty as soon as Matt gets a boat, updates on what's going on at Schliske Bamboo with their move to Florida.  


codec said...

That's a fine looking fish!

Cameron Mortenson said...

codec...I wish those were in my backyard.