Saturday, May 26, 2012

Bennett's Rod Restoration

During the course of writing T.F.M. I field emails regularly with questions on who does restoration work on an older fiberglass or bamboo fly rods and honestly there is a very short list of people that really enjoy and excel at this sort of work. 

One newcomer is Scott Bennett of Bennett's Rod Restoration and he recently launched a new website and Facebook page showing his very reasonably priced fly rod work.  

Besides fly rod rebuilds, Scott also offers a product called Rod Sheen which just a drop or two massaged over a bamboo or fiberglass blank brings back some luster and shine. 

I've used Rod Sheen on a couple vintage Heddon fly rods that I have and it's perfect for hiding a scuff mark and has some waterproofing qualities as well. 

Scott Bennett's Rod Sheen is priced at $7 for a 1/2 ounce bottle and can be purchased through the Bennett's Rod Restoration website.

Check out the Bennett's Rod Restoration website and Facebook page for more information and to check out some photographs of Scott's recent fly rod rebuilds.

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