Sunday, May 27, 2012

Free Fly Apparel T.F.M. Sun Masks

A small package arrived in the mailbox Friday afternoon from Free Fly Apparel with four prototype T.F.M. Sun Masks inside.  Tanner Sutton, of Free Fly Apparel, and I have been working on these sun masks for several weeks now, first with finalizing artwork and then making time to printed up the prototypes amongst much larger orders that they have been swamped with.  I am stoked to be offering these sun masks as new additions to the T.F.M. apparel offerings.

The T.F.M. Sun Masks are available in both the Retro Fly and Comrade artwork.  The Retro Fly sun masks can be ordered in Bleached Teal, Blue Current, or Titanium while the Comrade sun mask is offered in Titanium only due to the full color artwork. 

Macro of the Retro Fly artwork.
The Free Fly Apparel Sun Masks are made from a soft bamboo/poly blended fabric which excels in breathability, tends not to pick up odors, and most importantly protects from harmful sun exposure. 

These sun masks are flat out comfortable to wear and the stitching at the top and bottom of them helps hold them in place on your cap or against your nose where other masks might roll out of place. 

Macro of the Comrade artwork.
The T.F.M. Sun Masks are priced at $24 each with shipping included to U.S. addresses.  International shipping is available and should run only a couple dollars extra.  As with all T.F.M. orders I'll also include a couple T.F.M. decals as well.

The first sun mask order will be sent in on June 6th with delivery a week or so later.  Let me know soon if you are interested in ordering one or several.

To place an order please send an email to

Thank you for the continued support.  I appreciate it greatly.   


jj wassom said...

Look great Cameron! Wish I knew that you were putting these together. Just bought me first Buff UV a few weeks ago. I love it!

Change of topic, I wore my TFM shirts you sent last month every Friday the last several weeks of school and the kids loved them! I had one of my girls even check out the blog! She told me later, "hey it's a fishing site! My uncle loves to fish too!" I have had lots of conversations with others as well by sporting it!

Have a great Memorial Day tomorrow!


Cameron Mortenson said...

jj wassom...thanks. If you ever need another sun mask then let me know.

Thanks for repping in your TFM t-shirt and bring along new readership. HA...