Friday, May 4, 2012

Hatch Outdoors 2012 Anglers Annual

I noticed this week that the Hatch Outdoors Anglers Annual is online in PDF form on their website and figured I'd share.

Besides making a killer series of fly reels, Hatch Outdoors yearly catalog also features a few stellar essays which this year cover the bases from Michigan to the Keys to Idaho among other locales as well.

The Anglers Annual is worth a read whether you think you need a new fly reel or not.  Don't blame me if you start yearning for one though, it's bound to happen. 


jj wassom said...


Thanks for sharing. It's the little things like that that say "Made in USA" that make me smile and know we still have some great things designed and made right here. I have a little extra $ coming that might just bring one of those to my house...


Cameron Mortenson said...

jj certainly wouldn't be disappointed. I have a 5Plus and it's quite nice. Just ordered a pair of the Tempest Pliers this week.