Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Long Weekend On The Water

This past weekend was largely spent at home and in the kayak on the family pond.  It's good to have a few days where I was able to watch the pond wake up with the sun rising and go to bed with the moon over my head as I loaded the kayak into the back of the Element in the dark.       

My intent for the weekend was to target largemouth bass but it might have been a little bit early for the top water bite.  I had a few boil on surface flies but they weren't as interested as I had hoped.

We did end up catching a few very large bluegill which the children really enjoyed.  They really put a bend in that custom Lamiglas Spin/Fly.

Hadley has decided that she is a solo paddler now and takes off on her own with the Versa Board.  It's pretty neat to see her so comfortable and independent on the water and t won't be long before Finn will be on his own as well.

It's good to realize that it's a short week and the weekend will be around again before we all know it.


J and M Flies said...

Hey glad you were able to get out. Must be nice. Looks like a great time with the family and a marvelous pond/lake. I see a fly that I recognize. Mind if I use the photo on my blog?

Cameron Mortenson said...

J and M Flies...for sure. Take it. We had a good time on the pond though I wish I had caught a decent bass. Next weekend...

jj wassom said...

So cool to see your daughter on the water with that kind of confidence! Well done. It's also great to see young kids not afraid to handle their own catch. You're doing a great job with them Cameron... it will pay great dividends in the future.

Just finished cleaning my room at work today.... teacher says it's time to fish!