Sunday, May 6, 2012

S.F.R.C. Classic Series Two Weight Sale

The South Fork Rod Company is offering their Classic Series 6'6" two weight with a 25% OFF discount through May 18th, 2012.  A finished 6622 build will only cost about $210.00 along with appropriate shipping and includes a choice of six different threads wrap colors and a fabric rod sock and tube as well.

I've said it before that it's tough to beat the value, even at full price, with the quality of work done by David and Margot Redington at South Fork Rod Company.  If you are looking for a short two weight then the Classic Series should be considered. 

As a rule the action of the Classic Series fly rods is on the slow and full flexing side of glass and this little two weight would be a perfect choice for someone looking for a small stream fly rod for dry flies and small soft hackles or to make a real game of a few feisty bluegills too.

The Classic Series 6'6" two weight was included in an extensive two weight review on the Fly Fish Ohio website and finished in their testing within the top six of all two weights evaluated.

Use the code "C6622fly" on the South Fork Rod Company online store to receive the 25% OFF discount when placing your order. 

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