Sunday, May 20, 2012

T.F.M. Facebook Strikes 3,000 Fans

Yesterday morning the T.F.M. Facebook page reached another milestone and struck 3,000 "LIKE" clicks.  When I started this website almost four years ago I would have never imagined that T.F.M. would have the reach that it does.  I get a real kick keeping everything updated each day, answering emails, and engaging those who have an interest, both new and old, in fiberglass fly rods or the various other topics that come up along the way.     

As a way to celebrate I'll be posting up an online scavenger hunt of sorts (Remember the 2,000 Fans Scavenger Hunt?) next week and already have over a dozen sponsors who have graciously offered up some very excellent pieces of gear to win.  More details soon on this. 

Thanks again for reading T.F.M. daily and following along with the social media  streams (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram) as well.  I really appreciate it.

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