Monday, May 21, 2012

T.F.M.'s Going To "Carp School"

As a fly angler there are places that leave a definite mark on your psyche and last summer's trip to Beaver Island did just that.  It's one of several places that I've been scheming to go back to since witnessing brute smallmouth and tank carp cruising the flats around the barrier islands of Beaver Island that left me in complete awe. 

Through a series of fortunate happenings everything has fallen into place for me to sign up for "Carp School" which is being held on Beaver Island under the guidance of Kevin Morlock and Steve Martinez of Indigo Guide Service next month.  I will be attending the first of two scheduled trips and stoked to realize that it's just a couple weeks away now. 

So far the plane ticket has been purchased, a few pieces of gear lined up, J.P. from is making sure my fly box is squared away, and the next couple weeks will be all about prepping for this big trip.  I can't wait.

There are still several openings for both the June 8th to12th and June 13th to 17th trips.  Check out the website for more information.

The Third Coast Fly Blog and Facebook page are a solid source of information on all things carp and smallmouth and always kept up to date with what the fellows at Indigo Guide Service are up to as well.

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