Wednesday, June 6, 2012

3,000 Fans Scavenger Hunt Complete

The 3,000 Fans Scavenger Hunt wrapped up at midnight last night and though my plan was to announce winners this morning I'm more or less slammed in getting ready to depart for Michigan tomorrow. 

Between a full day at work, giving the two acre lawn a trim, finishing trip packing, and making sure all other loose ends are tied up tight between now and tomorrow morning I'll also get the winners posted as well.  Caffeine is my friend. 

In the meantime for the over 250 individuals that sent in completed contest emails here is a breakdown of the prizes up for grabs.  I'll be choosing over two dozen winners from the prizes listed below. 

BADAXE DESIGN - Two Prints - Winners Choice
COSTA SUNGLASSES - Promo Card For Sunglasses
FISHPOND - Nimbus Guide Pack
GREEN CADDIS OUTFITTERS - Two $50 Gift Certificates
HOWLER BROTHERS - Gaucho/Pescador Shirts
MONTANA FLY COMPANY - Two Madison Fly Reels
REDINGTON - Six Swag Packages
SCIENTIFIC ANGLERS - Three Fly Line/Tippet Packages
SMITHFLY - Two El Poquitos/Two Eye Patch Hats
TROUTHUNTER - Two Tippet/Leader Packages
VEDAVOO - Tightlines Shoulder Pack/Chest Pack
WILLIAM JOSEPH - Exodus Pack/Tools
YETI COOLERS - T.F.M. Comrade Tundra 35

Thanks again to all those that participated and also the generous gear sponsors that made it possible.

Please stand by...and thank you for your patience.

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Gin Clear said...

Don't know how you do it, Cam, but cheers to you for all the love and passion!