Friday, June 8, 2012

3,000 Fans Scavenger Hunt Winners

Between flights on my way to Michigan yesterday I was able to sit down for a few minutes and iron out the winners for the T.F.M. 3,000 Fans Scavenger Hunt with the help of my friend, the online random number generator.

There were 250 entries for this contest and twenty-seven winners were chosen followed by figuring out who won what with another few rounds of random numbers being pulled as well.  The laptop battery was exhausted and drained by the time it was over but I was glad to have it done before starting a few days of fly fishing in Michigan.

The winners chosen are listed under each gear sponsor along with the prize that they have won. 

BADAXE DESIGN - Print From Etsy Store
John Law
Claudia Baird

COSTA SUNGLASSES - Pair of Sunglasses
Philip Fibiger

FISHPOND - Nimbus Guide Pack
Brian Sturos

GREEN CADDIS OUTFITTERS - $50 Gift Certificate
Dilan Mistry
Renee Montgomery

Wes Mendenhall - Gaucho Shirt
Christopher Love - Pescador Shirt

Eric Strammer
Matt Miles

REDINGTON - Swag Package
Garrett Hopper
Benji Sorenson
Alton Fisher
David McLean
Guy Franzen
Bryan Rees

SCIENTIFIC ANGLERS - Fly Line/Tippet Prize
Jessica Hoff
Cody Messerall
Zach Sutton

SMITHFLY - El Poquito/Eye Patch Hat
Bryan White
Kendall Parman

TROUTHUNTER - Tippet Spools/Leaders Prize
Chad Batey
David Pooler

Thomas Goodwin - Chest Pack
Joe Rogers - Tightlines Shoulder Pack

WILLIAM JOSEPH - Exodus Pack/Tools
Katrina Harris

YETI COOLERS - T.F.M. Comrade Tundra 35
Issac Miller

Thank you to everyone that took the time to participate in the T.F.M. 3,000 Fans Scavenger Hunt and also the gear sponsors that made this contest possible.  It was much appreciated.

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