Saturday, June 30, 2012

Kevin's Most Excellent Glass Adventure

Remember the glass fly rod builds from a week or so ago that Kevin Stull built up?  Well, he just returned from Montana with a stack of photos of his glass fly rods getting work done along with a few photos of his recently purchased Graywolf Rods 10' 7/8 weight stick as well.

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Kevin wrote...  "Here are some pictures from my Montana trip last week.  This is our 13th year of the trip to Dillon.  We rent a small farm house outside of town and headquarter out of Frontier Anglers in Dillon.  We fished the Beaverhead and Big Hole rivers mainly.  The Beaverhead is a tailwater fishery with more fish over 20" per mile than any river in Montana.  The Big Hole is a textbook freestone famous for it's big stonefly hatches.  The Big Hole is also the only river in the lower 48 with a native population of fluvial grayling.  I still have yet to catch one.

I used the new Graywolf 10' 7/8 switch on the Big Hole.  It was a little too much rod for the fish I was catching but it was a blast to cast.  That rod so sweet!   I can't wait to use if for summer run steelhead this fall on the Grande Ronde and Methow River in Washington.   A gentleman floated by on the Big Hole while I was fishing and asked me if i was fishing glass.  I said yes of course and that it was a Graywolf.  He must have seen how deeply the rod was flexing.  He then told me he had a Steffen on order.  I fished my #5 8' Kabuto on the Beaverhead River.  It handled the Beaverhead hogs quite nicely.  The white blank sure got a lot of looks!  One of the fish and game wardens we met couldn't stop drooling over it.

I included a few extra shots of the area.  Southwest Montana in the summer is spectacular country.  Check out the schwank pad overlooking the Beaverhead.  I was messing around with a new fisheye zoom  on my Canon 7d.  What an amazing lens!  Enjoy the pics!"

Kevin...stellar images and you've got some very nice toys from the fly rods to the fly reels to the camera gear too.  I'm a bit jealous of the Graywolf Rods 10' 7/8 weight.  I can think of a few uses for it myself.  

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Pam said...

Very nice! I hope to be able to post some Montana trout on glass pics of my own in a few weeks. Thanks Cameron!