Thursday, June 7, 2012

Off To Michigan

I am typing this out quickly while at the Columbia Metropolitan Airport before my first flight to Chicago and then a quick bump over to Lansing, Michigan.  As soon as I arrive I'll be headed north to jump in a drift boat with Phil Croff and Matt Dunn for an evening into the night float with big bugs, streamers, and mice patterns.  Tomorrow I'll be up early and plan to spend a few hours with Adam Tsaloff poking around on a trout stream or two before jumping on the flight over to Beaver Island.

In short, I'm trying to spend as much time fly fishing on this trip as possible right from the start. 

Packing for this trip was interesting since essentially I needed to carry fiberglass fly rods from a three weight to a nine weight along with matching fly reels, various fly boxes, and other essentials.  I had to pack a bit heavy but hope to shed some weight before flying over to Beaver Island tomorrow afternoon.

There is an off chance that things will slow down on T.F.M. while I am away but that really just depends if internet is available or if my iPhone has enough juice to get online too.'s about time to board.  I'm off to Michigan.


Voyageur.Pursuits said...

Welcome. If tonight is anything like last night was for me, the trip will have been worth it just for the trout fishing. Travel safe.

Bryan said...

Have a great time here in Michigan. Don't forget to drink an Oberon beer while you're here, great beer for the summer. Hope you give the fish some sore lips and bruised egos.