Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summertime Glass Action

New glass rod devotees seem to be surfacing daily and this latest dispatch is from Joey Cloer who turned a vintage glass blank into a new school bass stick that he just can't put down.

Last week Joey posted a photo on the T.F.M. Facebook page and I asked if he'd share where his interest in fiberglass fly rods started and why he digs his Actionglas so much. 

Joey wrote...  "After some searching and hunting on eBay for a good cheap fiberglass rod only one caught my attention. It was an eight foot Actionglas.  The description lacked info, but the rod looked to be in good condition according to the pictures.  After a few days of waiting with my bid the highest at $15 the rod was mine.  I waited patiently for the rod to arrive.  Close to a month had gone by and still no rod.  Supposedly it got lost in transit and was no where to be found.  Well the rod finally showed up and the fun began.  I instantly took the rod to my local smallmouth stream.  After a few hours of casting and catching a fish, I knew that the rod would be hard to lay down.  Only one problem...the handle was cracked and the reel seat wouldn't stay tight.  So after a trip to the local fly shop the rod was sent off to a rod builder to have a new handle and reel seat.  Once again the rod was back in my hands and felt like a whole new rod.  Time to test it out.  After getting used to the slower action I was making 50 foot casts with a six weight line and big foam popper.  This rod is now my new love.  I have a sweet casting rod that's a blast to catch river smallies and blacks on.  Not a bad investment.  Got the rod for $20 including shipping, new handle and reel seat for $60. I just flat out love fiberglass rods now."

Joey...looks like you're having a hell of a good time and chasing the dream indeed.