Monday, July 30, 2012

Another Tightloop Fly Rods Beauty

As an admirer of small shop fly rod builders it is always neat to see a builder find a series of blanks which really show off his style and excellent work.  Without a doubt George Minculete of Tightloop Fly Rods has found it with his Steffen Brothers blank builds.

George's latest, another 8' 3/4 weight, is just stunning.

George wrote...  "This rod's got the magic and some surprising power too.  It casts a three weight double taper line or a four weight weight forward line and presents a fly with great accuracy and finesse only glass is known for, with a relaxed casting rhythm or a more energetic one when in need to deliver more line speed and distance.  I simply love to fish these rods.  When I pick mine and roll cast a line with a fly to a rising trout I remember why fly fishing is more fun with glass."

A Tightloop Fly Rods build such as this runs about $515 and wait times for a build are two to three months after George receives the blank from Mark Steffen, which can add a couple months to the build process as well.

Check out the Tightloop Fly Rods website and Facebook page for more information.

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