Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mark's Lamiglas Switch Rod

I've known Mark Yuhina of FLYINTROPICAL for a number of years now and he's quite an accomplished fly angler. He takes the act of fly casting to academic levels with his experimentation with different fly lines on a fly rod to completely dial it in to his liking.

Mark built this Lamiglas switch rod up a few years ago and recently decided to pick it back up to figure it out all over again. I think he's got it.

Check out his recent post on FLYINTROPICAL on how he decided that 540 grains was the magic number.


Bob said...

Wonder what the market would be for a $200 fiberglass 10' switch rod is.

I know I'd be game.

Cameron Mortenson said...

Bob...I've got to think there would be but not sure that a fly rod company is going to eagerly work towards such an inexpensive option.