Monday, August 20, 2012

Aaron's Backcountry Glass Experience

While at the Midwest Fly Fishing Expo earlier this year I met Aaron Adams of the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust and we had a couple of discussions about fiberglass.  Aaron mentioned that he would like to give it a try as it just might be a perfect match for the backcountry waters he fishes for redfish. 

A month or so ago I sent along the Lilly Pond Rod Company 8'6" 8/9 weight for Aaron to take on a few trips and he published a post on the Fisherman's Coast Blog with a few photos and thoughts on his experience with fiberglass which is worth a look.   

Aaron wrote...  "The first challenge was slowing my casting stroke enough to wait for the glass rod to load. The fast rods of today require a faster, stronger stroke - although timing is critical, it's possible to use muscle to make up for not-so-great timing. In contrast, in my opinion, it's all about timing when casting glass rods. And because of the longer stroke and softer rod, I think that it's eaasier to make soft presentations of the fly in the shallow conditions found when fishing for tailing fish and in the backcountry. Once I slowed my casting stroke, things went very well."

Check out Aaron's post in it's entirety with more photos and narrative on the Fisherman's Coast Blog.

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