Friday, August 31, 2012

Angling Trade - The 2012 Show Issue

The latest issue of Angling Trade went live just about the time IFTD was kicking off in Reno.  This issue covers a fair bit of show content but there are a couple other interesting articles to check out as well.

First, in the Currents section of the magazine Kirk Deeter discusses the idea of carp as a competition fish and the setting up a series of regional carp tournaments where the top anglers from each will meet for a carp fly fishing championship.  Love or hate carping, they just may be the perfect tournament fish and this could take on an interesting life of it's own in the coming months.  What are your thoughts on this idea?

The second article I'd suggest giving a look to is Ben Romans "Rules of the Media Road" which is a solid primer on best practices for editors, writers, and photographers and may be especially worthwhile for those that are submitting content to online and print media for the first time.


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