Sunday, August 12, 2012

Cheeky Releases Fly Reel Lineup

It's been a couple years in the making but last week Cheeky Fly Fishing announced their entire line up of five fly reels from the tiny Stealth 325 to the big wheel Thrash 475.

I dig the looks of the Cheeky line up and the loud colors give these fly reels their own very unique look.  I am especially keen on the Stealth 325 and Ambush 375 and look forward to handling these a bit at IFTD in Reno this week.

From the Cheeky Fly Fishing press release...

After two years of tweaking designs, blowing up reels and burning through drags, Cheeky Fly Fishing is set to unveil its full line of fly reels in August 2012.  New to Cheeky’s line are the Stealth 325, Thrash 475 and Dozer 525, complementing its currently available Ambush 375 and Mojo 425 reels.  Lightweight, dynamic, and tough, this lineup over delivers on performance and provides anglers with Cheeky’s signature style.  

“The lineup boasts five sizes of reels, each incorporating the same design philosophy,” says co-founder Pete Crommett.  “Our philosophy can be described using one word: simple.” 

Precision machining, high quality materials and dependability make Cheeky Fly Reels the ultimate weapon for fly fishing enthusiasts. “They beg to be thrown in the bottom of a boat or the back of a truck,” says Crommett. “These reels are workhorses that want to be used and used hard.” 

Whether you’re stalking trout in clear water with the Stealth 325 or teasing marlin offshore with the Dozer 525, every fisherman is looking for that edge and Cheeky reels give anglers just that.

Check out the Cheeky Fly Fishing website for more information and photographs of each fly reel offered.  Pre-orders are being taken now for the newest fly reel offerings and should ship before August 15th.

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