Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Featherlight Fix It Tip

Jim Jenkins is an Eagle Claw Featherlight devotee and he figured out a somewhat "fashionable" way to keep his ferrules fitting tight with a short strip of yellow electrical tape over where the rod sections meet.  

Jim wrote...  "I just wanted to pass on some a few pictures from this morning at my mom’s farm pond.  It’s not news that the Eagle Claw Featherlight is a gas to fish with.  The big bluegills and smallish bass were slamming a soon to be retired Sneaky Pete all morning before the clouds broke up and the sunshine shut them down.  The strikes from the bluegills were incredibly vicious for whatever reason.  They put those little 10-12 inch bass  to shame.

One tip I have for Featherlight fans is that they tend to come apart after casting awhile.  Scotch electrical tape in yellow matches the wraps nearly perfectly and a two inch strip wrapped around the ferrule keeps the rod together as long as you need it to.  This is easily found at all the big box hardware stores."

Of course any color electrical tape will do but you know you've got to go yellow on yellow if you can find it.


Rhythm Rider said...

Smart fix. Does Jim keep a blog somewhere we can read more?

Anonymous said...

Great tip! Guess it is time to use your simple tip and keep some handy.