Thursday, August 2, 2012

Graywolf Rods Steffen 7/8 Weight Build

Shane Gray of Graywolf Rods finished a very interesting Steffen Brothers 8'6" 7/8 weight three piece blank build this week that he offered for sale on the Graywolf Rods Blog last night.  Shane built this with a "vintage flare" and I really like the thread work and metal reel seat with fighting butt on this big fish stick.  The Steffen Brothers blanks are of a progressive action and in my book some of the best "workhorse" fiberglass fly rods on the market today.

More photographs of this fiberglass fly rod build can be viewed on the Graywolf Rods Facebook page.

This Perfection Grade build has been sold.

Shane also sent along a short list of available  blanks that he has in stock and requires only a $50 deposit to put your name on the blank.

- Steffen Brothers 8' 5/6 Weight Three Piece
- Steffen Brothers 8' 3/4 Weight Three Piece
- Mcfarland Rods 7' Three Weight Three Piece
- Mcfarland Rods 8' Five Weight Three Piece
- Graywolf Signature S-Glass 9' Five Weight Three Piece
- Graywolf Signature S-Glass 10' 7/8 Weight Four Piece

Send Shane an email if you are interested in purchasing this fly rod or would like to put a deposit down on a build from the above list of blanks.

Finally, if you haven't sent in your submission for the Graywolf Rods "Where Would You Take Build #100?" giveaway then you still have a couple weeks to do so.  Please check the T.F.M. Contest page for details.


gfen said...

if shane should stop by, i'd love to know what thickness of twist thread he used.

Shane said...

Size #50

gfen said...

wow, that looks great. i've only played around a bit with some test wraps, and A didn't look nearly that defined, but D did.