Thursday, August 16, 2012


By my math I've been home for about sixty hours (almost half of which has been spent at work) from our quick trip to California this past weekend, and now I find myself at the gate just minutes from departing to Reno, Nevada to attend the International Fly Tackle Dealer show. 

Truth is the last week or so has been a blur and it's likely not going to slow down until I arrive home at the end of the weekend.  I can sleep next week.   

The next four days will be a mix of checking out new fly fishing gear, line up a few things for T.F.M. for the coming year, network with industry friends, and overall just have a good time in Reno without gambling away my walking around money.

Things may slow down on T.F.M. over the next couple days depending on how much time I have or more importantly what internet access is available.  The last couple years it was tough to find a connection.

It's unlikely that I'll "live blog" at all during IFTD but I'm sure a few updates will post on the T.F.M. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages over the next few days.

Look for a full IFTD post next week.


Borderfly said...

Here I am in Reno and no way to get in, can I work for you on Saturday? I'll buy dinner!


Bjornorama said...

See you there!