Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Spey Company Moving Sale

You know whats better than a small U.S.A. made gear company? That same U.S.A. made gear company growing to the point of having to move into a new facility to keep up with new orders and increased production.

The Spey Company announced this week that they are moving into a new facility and owner Tim Pantzlaff has listed all remaining fly reels on the website in hopes that he won't have to pack them up during the move.

Tim wrote...  "In my continuing endless quest to provide the best reels at the best price possible, I am moving to a larger location. The new move will also insure I am staying safe while working on the reels for you.  Please help out by clearing out my remaining stock of reels so that I can get busy building the next generation of The Spey Company reels this winter."

I own one the three inch Single Spey fly reels and it's a personal favorite.

Visit The Spey Company Online Store to check out the various fly reel offerings which are priced from $300 to $475.

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