Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Trout Also Rises

Fly anglers and film stars, Rolf Nylinder and Peter Christensen, have about wrapped up their latest full length movie offering titled The Trout Also Rises and are using the funding website indiegogo to raise needed funds and to pre-sale the DVD as well.

From The Trout Also Rises IndieGoGo page...

"We are two young, indie fly fishing film-makers from Scandinavia named Rolf and Peter. Fellow fishing nerds will maybe know Rolf from his many short films on, and Peter from his Alaska documentary, A Backyard in Nowhere

The Trout Also Rises is a feature length adventure documentary about what goes on in the souls of fly fishers.  We'll not tell the entire storyline of the film, but we can tell that The Trout Also Rises brings two Scandinavian legends, Lars Lenth and Baard Tufte Johansen, back to the big screen. 

For the past 8 months we have been working on this new project and we really feel it brings something strange, new and exciting to fly fishing films.  Yes, it has some really big trout, but apart from that, it has very little in common with other fly fishing films. 

The Trout Also Rises is a homage to the poetic and purist side of the sport, as well as to one of its most fabled rivers.  It is also the story of a journey around the world with many cruel twists and turns. But above all, it is the story about Rolf Nylinder and Lars Lenth, and how fly fishing commands their lifes. 

After all this time working with the movie, we are pretty close to being done. But being independent, we are completely out of money and we really hope that someone out there can help us.  Our IndieGoGo page will work as a pre-sale of the DVD, scheduled for release around October 15th."

It looks like a worthy project and I dig the film work that Rolf and Peter have done together and separately in the past.

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