Friday, October 5, 2012

Cabela's CGt Fly Rods Now Available

The latest generation of fiberglass fly rods from Cabela's have been released and are ready for purchase online and in stores.

The Cabela's CGt line up covers line weights two through five and lengths from 5'9" to 7'6".  The Cabela's CGt  fly rods are priced at $149.99 each and are made of what they are calling "T-Glass" due to it's slightly translucent look.

Cabela's has graciously sent all six models to be reviewed on T.F.M. in the coming weeks and then the fly rods will be added to the T.F.M. Fly Rod Loan Program.

Check out the early reviews of the seven foot three weight Cabela's CGt on both the F&S The Honest Angler and Midcurrent websites.

For more information or to order check out the Cabela's website or stop by your local store.


LanderValleyChiro said...

Crap! No more 8 weight? I knew I should have ordered one a couple of weeks ago... Now the CGR's are not even on the website!

I just broke the tip on my 5wt. Hopefully they have some still in stock.

Cameron Mortenson said...

LVC...nope. No more 7/8 weight which is disappointing. I'd get that five weight sent back quickly. They might have to give you credit towards a CGt instead.