Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fred Hannie's Improved BullFrog Slider

Fly tying genius, Fred Hannie, sent along a few images of the latest tweaks to his BullFrog Slider and I bet one of these would fit perfectly in a hungry largemouth bass mouth.

Fred wrote...  "I have been trying to improve upon previous frog patterns I have changed much.  Legs made from Spanflex and mono give a realistic silhouette and added movement.  The eyes
were changed from store bought round pupils to the elongated pupils common in most frog species. Because of the fly's light weight, the hook tends to automatically right the fly in the water upon landing.  The light weight of the fly also adds in not depressing the weed guard allowing it to glide over the vegetation.

Although a lot of thought and research went into upgrading this pattern I can't help but think that this is only the start of the patterns evolution not the apex.  Maybe someone else will take what I have done and take it to the next level."

Check out Fred Hannie's Realistic Fly Tying website for more information on his fly tying techniques and instructional tips as well.

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