Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Back Yard Redfish

I am jealous of few people but when Wes Mendenhall mentioned that he has a hard grass flat in the back yard of his home in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina I have to admit being more than a little envious.  The fact that Wes picked off this redfish in the grass on a vintage glass fly rod made it hurt that much more.

Wes wrote...  "The rod I was fishing was a Wright & McGill Trailmaster 7'6" four piece seven weight, that I traded for from a guy back home in Georgia for.  It was actually a test rod I was doing when I re-wrapped it with red thread from a local craft shop.  (I must say if you can't find local shop with rod building materials it was the next best thing.)  As for fishing for reds with glass the biggest thing I can say is, it definitely gives a whole new feel.  Going from a super fast eight weight graphite to fiberglass sure makes you remember how to slow down your cast and focus on the basics of casting.  And if you're lucky enough to hook up, a redfish is going to put a bend in it and give you a fight like none other."

Check out Wes's Southern Fly Fishing Blog for more information and Lowcountry goodness.

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