Sunday, November 11, 2012

First Look - Backcast Outfitters

A few weeks ago a Backcast Outfitters launched their website and online store and are now offering a host of very fine leather fly fishing accessories with a few other products in development that should be added to the website in the coming months.

I recently received a few items from Backcast Outfitters to demo and review and have been very impressed with the high grade leather used and the quality construction of these unique accessories.  The Reel Bag may be my favorite piece from the mix as I fish a lot of vintage fly reels that never came with a case or may have been long ago lost.  The only downside is that I usually take a couple fly reels with me which means I'll be buying at least one more of these luxury reel bags.

Eric Rice of Backcast Outfitters has put together a couple videos explaining their products that are worth a watch.

Check out the Backcast Outfitters website for more information and follow along on Facebook and Twitter for the latest shop news as well.

NOTICE - Backcast Outfitters is giving T.F.M. readers a 20% Off discount until midnight Monday, November 12th using code "TFM2012" during checkout.

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