Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Leiderman Rods Kabuto 7643 Build

Matt Leiderman of Leiderman Rods recently put the finishing touches a Kabuto Rods 7643 that may be a departure from his previous white blank builds but no less stunning.  It also helps that Matt is good with the camera as well in photographing his work.

Matt wrote...  "I wanted to do something a bit different on this rod.  This rod incorporates two cosmetic variations that I have not used on any build to this point.  The first is the stacked bamboo seat which I have lusted over many times on other builds from around the globe.  The second variation is the presence of intermediate wraps that extend from end to end on the rod.  Many of my Kabuto builds are more subtle in nature.  The wraps are less pronounced and the build isn't as bold.  I think this one really incorporates a bit brighter wrap pattern that stands out on the blank.  I honestly believe these Kabuto blanks are the most versatile glass blanks out there because they take nearly any color scheme beautifully.  From stark simplicity to over the top.  They look good no matter what.  It doesn't hurt that they're damn good fishing rods too.  I was hoping to keep this one for myself but it wasn't meant to be.  I have a handful of Kabuto blanks on order and maybe one of them will end up in my personal stable."

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GFP said...

That is a sweet looking rod...I love Kabuto rods....but never seen one in person.

Cameron Mortenson said...

GFP...they are just as stunning in hand as in these photos. Stellar fiberglass fly rods all around.