Monday, December 10, 2012

12 DAYS - Costa & YETI Coolers

Well...this post officially starts the 12 Days of Christmas and I couldn't be more ready for it.  Let's start off big.

Please note that the email to use for the 12 Days of Christmas giveaways is

A few years ago it wouldn't have made sense to drop big money on a pair of polarized sunglasses.  I had a few pairs of low end on the counter at the fly shop shades that worked fine.  It wasn't until I tried a pair of Costa 580G lenses did it all come into complete focus and I realized how much better you can see on the water with these glasses.  I'll still say $150-300 is a lot to spend on a pair of sunglasses but you won't catch me out of the house, especially on the water, without a pair of Costa's.

Lately I've been wearing a pair of the Corbina's with the new 580P Sunrise lens and I am beyond impressed.  These are a great low light and gray day lens where high contrast helps see things that you likely wouldn't at the start or end of the day on the water.

Two tips in figuring out which Costa sunglasses are best for you is to first find out which frame size fits your face best.  Once know that you can use the Costa website to filter search results just for that frame size.  Second, take some time and use the Perform page to help figure which lens color will work for the type of water you are on most or to be ready for an upcoming trip.  

Over the past couple years the YETI Coolers Roadie 20 has become a near constant companion on fly fishing trips, river trips in the kayaks, tailgating, week long road trips, the drive-in movie, picnics, and even "bootlegging" frozen pies from Michigan to South Carolina on a sixteen hour drive straight through trip this past summer.

In short these coolers do exactly as their ad slogan says..."Keep Ice Longer!".

YETI Coolers are no doubt an investment but in the end they will save you on ice, are built to last, and with fourteen different models available there is one (or two...or three) offered in just the size you need.

In play for today is a promo card from Costa for a free pair of sunglasses of your choice and a YETI Coolers Roadie 20 (white or tan) with the T.F.M. logo inked on top.

Two winners will be drawn tomorrow morning.

Send an email to saying you want in on today's giveaway.  You will need to email daily to be included in the 12 Days of Christmas giveaways.

You will receive an auto response email back to confirm your entry was received.

Only one email per person please.  Duplicate emails will be erased.

All emails must be received by midnight tonight to qualify for this gear giveaway.  Winners will be chosen by random number generator and will be announced tomorrow morning at the end of this post.

There were over 2,700 emails submitted for this giveaway and the random number generator chose the following winners...


Thanks to all that participated in the giveaway and thanks to Costa and YETI Coolers for their support.


Herman said...

Thanks for doing things like this. I certainly enjoy the chance to win.

Cameron Mortenson said...

Herman...thanks for the note. I have a good time putting it together and like to thank the TFM readership whenever possible.

Unknown said...

As everyone else is saying, thanks for putting this together! When do submissions have to be in for each day?

WVAnglerDotCom said...

Great way to start a great contest!! Awesome prizes!

Anonymous said...

$1500 sure is a lot to to spend on sunglasses! I had to bust your balls on that one!

Email incoming!

Cameron Mortenson said...

Andrew...please send in your email by midnight. Thanks.

Zach...this is just the start.

Eunan...YAWN... I wrote this at 0500. Give me a break. HA... Thanks for the heads up.

tonywt1 said...

Very nice prize choice (*0*) We really want to win (:-D)

Unknown said...

Right On ! Good luck to all and Happy Holidays

jad74606 said...

Hey Cam,
Let the role of Santa begin! Thanks for running this agin this year! It really adds a little more excitement to the holidays! Got the GCO box and I am working on filling it! Thanks Again!


danielocean03 said...

Thanks for the chance!

The Mad Paddler said...

Looking forward to the opportunity to win. You have one terrific contest going on here.

Clif said...


danielocean03 said...

Congrats guys, enjoy!

ratfacedmcdougal said...

Just 2700 entries? Cam you've come a long way.
Thanks for this event.

Cameron Mortenson said... is kind of unreal to see the response. A lot of credit goes to the social media machines of both Costa and YETI Coolers for getting the word out.

robot malone said...

So do we enter every day? The website says winners notified tonight...are there winners every day? Thanks for the opportunity.

Cameron Mortenson said...

Robert...check the rules which are listed in each of the 12 Days of Christmas posts.

You must email every day to play.

Winners are listed the next day at the bottom of the post. So the Costa/YETI giveaway occurred on Monday and then winners were announced Tuesday and their names were listed at the bottom of the post. Winners are also contacted by email to notify them that they have won. They are also announced on the TFM Facebook and Twitter pages.

There are new winners for every day of the 12 Days of Christmas gear giveaways.