Monday, December 3, 2012

Blue Halo "Comrade Build" Complete

I woke this morning to find a few stellar photographs on the Blue Halo website of the Comrade build varnished and just about ready to flex.  I really like how all the wraps came out on this build and the red blank fish eye catching as well.    

I lifted four of my favorite photos for this post but there are a couple dozen other photographs which show this build from start to finish on the Blue Halo Blog.

Special thanks to Jory at Blue Halo and providing photos along the way to capture his creative process in this stellar build.


M.A. Hughes said...

Great color scheme, and build quality. Like all those measuring wraps on the butt section.

Eunan said...

this comrade deal is really taking off with some awesome results....You're onto a winner here Cameron! Great looking rod!

Randall said...

What weight is that, Cameron?

Cameron Mortenson said...

M.A. Hughes...I really dig the measuring wraps as well. Jory at Blue Halo has got skills.

Eunan...thanks. It's neat to see what fly rod builders, fly tiers, and other craftsmen put together when they try to match up with the Comrade logo. Makes it fun for sure.'s an 8' 5/6 weight. I'm hearing that these blanks are on the quick size of the spectrum which should make this a bomber nymph and streamer stick.