Friday, December 14, 2012

Croff Craft "Orvis Edition" Drift Boat

You may remember Croff Craft Custom Drift Boats most recently from the Cedar Drift Boats and Big Brown Trout video that has cirrulated around the internet which highlights Phil Croff's techniques in constructing his unique drifters along with his propensity to hunt mouse eating brown trout at night in northern Michigan.

This week Orvis announced a "Orvis Edition" Croff Craft drift boat and I couldn't be happier for Phil.  It's neat to see a craftsman's hard work be recognized with such a unique collaboration.

From the Orvis website...  "This exclusive Orvis-Edition Croff Craft features a hull of Michigan white cedar and fiberglass, with a tough Kevlar-enhanced polyurethane top coating. Highlighted by a pair of walnut seats and clear vertical-grain red cedar front dome, these drift boats have very striking features. Gunnel decks and dry storage box tops are Michigan white cedar with clear vertical-grain red cedar inlays. Measuring in at just over 12' in length, and weighing approximately 200 lbs. complete, this handsome boat also includes custom-built Croff oars, and a custom-built Orvis green polyurethane-coated trailer. Front casting brace is 26" high, oar lock height is 22", and the boat has a 60" wide bottom, creating unsurpassed stability."

Visit the Orvis website for more images and information.


Ricky Anderson said...

What a beautiful boat! What does something like that cost?

Cameron Mortenson said...'d have to contact Orvis or Phil to find that out.