Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Swift Fly Fishing Epic Blanks Released

After several months of trading emails back and forth with Carl McNeil of Swift Fly Fishing I woke this morning to an email saying that their Epic fiberglass blanks have been released and are available for purchase. 

From the Swift Fly Fishing press release with website links for more information...

Epic™ banks are made in New Zealand from a proprietary unidirectional S2 Fiberglass prepreg. The initial range covers 4 models across 3 translucent colors with additional colors to be released in the new year.
Tapers have been developed over 11 months of testing, measuring, casting - and, well, testing again.
  • Epic Glass are not your moma's glass blanks. Read why here…
  • Why would a professional casting instructor & Filmmaker venture into building fly rod blanks - from glass? Read more..
  • Full Epic™ Specs here
  • And the blanks, Epic! 
  • Hell, we've even made the worlds most epic fly rod sock
In addition to the Epic S2 glass blanks, the Swift Fly Fishing company is developing a unique hubless fly reel, a glass Bonefish rod and a double hander.
What the hell is the Swift Fly Fishing Company anyway?

Please note that the prices listed on the website are in New Zealand dollar.  At $250 each these blanks are pricey but Carl and his crew have put a lot of research and development into getting them right.

Three excellent fly rod builders who have agreed to build a 476, 580, and 686 which will become a part of the ever growing T.F.M. Fly Rod Loan Program.  More information and build updates as fly rod blanks arrive at each of the shops and work gets started on them.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful looking blanks. I have been wanting to ask you a general question about fiberglass rod building for sometime and that is what is a good starting point for a beginner rod builder? Is there a single best place to look for blanks and other materials that would suit a beginner? What would recommend as a starting resource?


Cameron Mortenson said...

thewildwood...please send me an email at and I can point you in a few directions.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, will do, I realized after posting this comment that this might not be the best place for the discussion!

Cameron Mortenson said... worries. I look forward to your email.