Thursday, January 10, 2013

Japan's Fly Fisher - Glass Fisher Issue

Last week I received a parcel in the mail from Yasuyuki of Kabuto Rods with a mint copy of the latest issue of Japan's Fly Fisher magazine inside.  The February 2013 issue is subtitled "Glass Fisher" and is almost start to finish filled with stellar content on fishing, collecting, history, buying, building, and making fiberglass fly rods. 

Japan has a long history and love affair with glass fly rods and many there are fanatical collectors of some of the very best vintage and contemporary glass from the U.S..  There are also quite a few companies and independent rod shops that offer some extremely nice glass as well that we rarely see here.

I was honored and excited to see that The Fiberglass Manifesto, along with the Fiberglass Flyrodders forum, were mentioned in one of the articles as well. 

There have been a couple evenings spent over the last week leafing through this magazine page by page and even though I can't read much of it at all, it's still one of the most beautiful magazines I've ever put my hands on.

Please visit the e-tsuribito website if you are interested in purchasing a copy of this magazine though unless you read excellent Japanese you may want to send an email to the publisher.

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